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Canadian Ecovillages: Would You Live in One?

For the past couple of years I’ve been fascinated with the concept of ecovillages: small family-run communities where people live, work, and play together. The lifestyles of these communities are sustainable and eco-conscious. Many of these villages have small schools on site. Meals are prepared in community and everyone chips in for a holistic, warm experience.

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Green Halloween – 5 Easy Tips for an Eco Friendly Holiday

The air is getting cooler, the days are getting shorter and the second biggest holiday of the year is almost upon us. Halloween spending last year was approximately 5.8 billion and most of it was spent on items that would be discarded as soon as the festivities were over. This year instead of filling the landfills and emptying our pockets use these simple tips to help save yourself money and the planet.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Fall feels like it’s officially here when Thanksgiving rolls around. This Monday as I curl up around the table with my family, I feel lucky to have so much to be thankful for.

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Carseat Safety by Christine Lee-McNaughton

Car seats terrified me because I was always worried that my car seat wasn’t good enough or Little One wasn’t positioned properly. Some sources said that there should not be any “rolls” or anything in the car seat except for the baby, lest the baby get smothered. Other sources said because she was a preemie and less than 5 lbs, it was okay to stick rolled up towels or rolled up blankets on either side of her. So many conflicting rules!

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Happy Mother’s Day from BornFree!

Mother’s Day is this Sunday! What will you be doing on your special day? We know you’ll be surrounded by family grateful for the time you spend pouring their life into your little ones day and night.

You wake up with them in the wee hours, soothe and sing, kiss the scraped knees, and watch them grow all while leading busy lives.

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Babywearing: One of the Best Experiences in Motherhood!

Thinking of a baby carrier such as a sling, wrap, mei tei, SCC (Soft Structured Carrier)? Do your research and understand the art of carrying baby and know that all carriers are not created equally. I loved carrying my son and he loved it just as much if not more.