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This Father’s Day…Brag About Dad & Win $500 in BornFree Products!

2 June 2010 51 Comments

This Father’s Day…Brag About Dad!

One Family will win $500 in BornFree products including our Eco-Friendly Bottles!

Happy Father’s Day from BornFree! To celebrate this special day we’re inviting you to brag about dad. Tell us what makes the father in your life so special. We’ll choose one family to send $500 worth of BornFree products to!

Enter by commenting on the post below with your Father’s Day brag! For bonus entries you can do one or all of the following:

1) Post a photo of the man you’d like to wish a Happy Father’s Day to on our Facebook Fan page http://www.facebook.com/BornFreeCanada

2) Tweet: @BornFreeCanada I entered the BornFree Brag About Dad Contest. Win $500 of BornFree products! http://wp.me/pW4tt-3F

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Leave a separate comment for each way you entered!

Update: Our winner is Felicia with the email address sa*******@hotmail.com. Thanks for entering!


  • Ryleigh said:

    My name is Ryleigh, and I am 2 years old. I want to tell you all about my Daddy! My daddy is super fun! We play outside together with bubbles, all kinds of balls, and we draw pictures on the sidewalk with chalk!! In the winter we built snowmen, and a huge snowfort that we played in! He takes me to the cottage, along with my Mommy and 2 dogs, and we go swimming and he takes me on canoe and boat rides!! My daddy helps my mommy keep the house clean. He does laundry, cooks dinner, and sits with me while I have a bath! I like to draw him pictures, especially on the walls… But for some reason they keep disappearing! My daddy makes me feel better when I am sad or hurt. He picks me up and gives me a snuggle, and I feel much better. He is also very handy around the house! He helps mommy fix things, even if it does take a few months to get done. He also lets Mommy have a nap, after I’ve been “driving her bananas”… Whatever that means. My daddy helps me get dressed, and does my hair. He always makes sure that my hair clips match my outfit. He is the best daddy in the entire world!!
    Please pick my family!
    Love Ryleigh

    Tweeted – @dolly_pardon_me
    Posted Picture on Bornfree’s facebook page
    I “like” this!

  • Trent said:

    It is easy to brag about my daddy! He is such a great dad that our family and friends comment on all the awesome things he does with me! Daddy and I love sports so he takes me to swimming lessons, goes skating with me every weekend, and is even coaching my soccer team. He recently took me mini-putting for the first time because I am so eager to learn how to golf, just like him! Since Daddy is the cook in our house, we go to get groceries together every Saturday. I am his little helper!
    Now that my new little brother or sister is on the way, Daddy has been reading me stories about being a big brother and teaching me how I can help Mommy out with the new baby. I know that after Mommy has the baby, Daddy and I will still be best pals and spend lots of time together. I love my Daddy and I hope he has a great Father’s Day!

  • Kenzie, Kylie & Tessa said:

    Let us tell you about our daddy! Our daddy is the best! He gets up early to get me ready for school, and looks after Tessa who is 2 months while mommy gets us ready for bed. He reads us our favourite books, takes us out hiking in the bush, and swimming in the river. He also loves to take us to our soccer games and every night when he comes home from a very LONG day at work, he still makes time to sit down and ask us how our days went and play all our favourite games with us. He always makes a special time every day just to play with us, whether it is riding our bikes, playing soccer, or just goofing around. We love our daddy so much! When our little sister was born, daddy looked after both me and my sister Kylie when mommy was in the hospital, and made sure we had didnt feel left out with a new baby to also look after when she got home. Our favourite thing to do with daddy is go canoeing, and he has been teaching us all of his favourite things to do when he was a kid, such as playing guitar.
    We love you so much daddy and hope you have a great fathers day!

    Love Kenzie, Kylie & Tessa

  • Shari said:

    My hubby is the absolute best! He has been a wonderful hubby for 7 years, and now that we have 3 boys, I clearly couldn’t survive without him. Every day when he comes home at 4 pm, he takes the boys downstairs for at least an hour or until dinner is ready. He will make dinner if I have had a bad day, and he is always cooking, cleaning, and trying to help anyway he can. He never complains, just gets up and does it. He is always trying to make me happy, and teaches my boys to make me happy too, and to be good for Mommy.

    If anything gets broken in the house, the boys know just tell Daddy and he will fix it before he does anything. He plays with the boys, and makes each one feel special, and loved. We know we are blessed and have the best Daddy in the whole world!

  • Sarah said:

    My husband is an excellent father! We have 2 children, a 2 year old girl and a 2 month old boy. My hubby may not be perfect but when it comes to being a daddy he sure is close! Everyday when he gets home from a 12 hour day at work he plays with the kids and always makes sure all the toys are put away before bed (and thats alot of toys lol). He’s teaching our kids the importance of getting the chores done already. He takes our daughter outside to play and goes to the park with her when I need to get stuff done. He loves his kids so much and it is so obvious that they adore him! He is a big teddy bear but also demands respect not only for himself, but for me as well. He is everything to me and the kids, we don’t know what we would do without him! The cutest thing about him is when he gets home late from work and gets pouty b/c the kids are already in bed… it melts my heart.

  • Krisondra said:

    When we had our first child 6 months ago, Daddy realized he just couldn’t be away from home anymore (his job took him away from Monday to Friday).
    He has since made a difficult and drastic job change. It has been a huge adjustment for him and although he would never say it, I think it is ten times harder.
    BUT the best part of all? We get to have him home every night and his little boy gets so excited when he sees his Daddy come in the drive (EVERYNIGHT!!)

  • Wen said:

    My hubby is the best husband and father I could ever hope for. We tried unsuccessfully for 5 years to get pregnant. We finally decided to seek infertility help and went through 2 rounds of IVF. I didn’t think I could go through a second round but with his encouragement and optimism I did and we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl last summer. She is now 9 months old and has Daddy wrapped around her little finger. He rushes home after work every night so that we can have our family dinner together and spend quality time with her after dinner too. We still give bath her bath together every night and she has slept peacefully through the night since she was three months old! I think she is such a wonderful baby because she knows she is so adored by her parents. Now…here is the ultimate sacrifice my dear husband has made…the week before she was born he sold his set of golf clubs so that he wouldn’t be tempted to go to the range or play a round while she was still young. This was his number one hobby before our daughter but now his number one everything is her. Can I ask for anything more?

  • sarah, hannah & little thumper said:

    i’d love to gush about my hubby. come september, he’ll have three girls on his hands; me, our daughter who is a little over 2 and a half, another little girl on the way… and he couldn’t be more proud!

    He’s dedicated to his work which is invaluable to the community, his family and his friends. No matter how long the day/night, he arrives home beaming and ready to share laughs and tickles with our little one. Selfless and compassionate, he’s always helping someone, whether it be family or a complete stranger.

    my best friend has brought me
    so much. love. support. laughs. tears. joy.
    a family.

    we’re looking forward to father’s day!

    {i’m a fan on facebook!}

  • My Dad said:

    My mommy will be writing this on behalf of me since I’m only 5 months old right now, but I will be reminding her what to write (she has mommy’s brain right now, you know how it is!).

    My father is the best, and here is why. When I was ready (sort of) to come into the world it took 22 hours, let’s just say I was stuck and leave it at that, he lovingly stayed by my mother’s side and even when he got sacked in the…you know, my dad continued to trek along like a real trooper. After some drama I finally arrived into the world, and who was there to greet me? My daddy! I said hello by grabbing tightly onto his finger (I was a little frightened after all).

    After the three of us spent two days in the hospital, and my parents learned how to take care of a baby, my mom got really sick from a blood infection. She was so ill that getting out of bed was nearly impossible. Our hospital room was tiny, my dad slept on a cot that was anything but comfortable, and we ended up staying there for an excruciatingly long ten days. My father, who was a first time dad, took care of everything from changing diapers, bathing me, feeding me, and taking care of my momma, all the while getting barely any sleep.

    Not only did my dad completely take care of me, he also took care of my sick mother, and that’s why I want to brag about my father!

    (My mom has “liked” your page on facebook)

  • Liane said:

    My husband is the most wonderful father. He was never the type to be around children as he was a little “scared” of them. Now that he has his own son who tries to mimic his every move or word, he is just in love with being a father. It is funny and especially sweet to see them together; playing, raking, cleaning, fishing, eating and even relaxing, they are just two peas in a pod. The saying “like father like son” couldn’t be more true. When I married my husband, I knew that I loved him, but now that I see him with my son, I love him in new different way. Thank you Jeff for being such a good father!

  • Little E said:

    I am 8 months old today, a little too young for the computer my mommy says, so she is going to write about my Daddy.
    My Daddy is far away. He left after Christmas for a seven month tour in Afghanistan. He will miss his first Father’s Day. We sent him a package, but I really wish he was home with me and Mommy so we could give him hugs and kisses.
    I got to see him for a little bit a few months ago, and he taught me some games, took me for walks, read me stories, and put me in a swing for the first time; that was fun!
    I get to hear his voice on the phone sometimes and it’s really special when I get to see him on the webcam. I think it’s hard for him to see me get bigger and miss lots of stuff. I miss him very much, but I’m also very proud of him because Mommy tells me that because of him and other soldiers, boys and girls can learn and become what ever they want to when they grow up – I want to be like Daddy.
    My Daddy will be home in a month and I can’t wait to show him that I can say da-da and give kisses! I think my Mommy will be happy too!

    Liked on Facebook and shared with friends.

  • Kathy C. said:

    My husband is what helped me get through my depression. When my daughter was born, I began suffering from postpartum depression which quickly spiraled into major depressive disorder and high anxiety disorder. He worked full time but did everything in his power to try and help me any way he could – he took the night shift so I could get some sleep (from 12am-6am) and then went straight to work, he took 3 months off to help me out and then when things got really bad, he took another 2 months of unpaid leave so I could go into treatment. His work wasn’t too happy with that (he didn’t really tell them why but just said it was ‘for personal reasons’) but he did it anyway because he was so worried about me. He always took our daughter out and about so I could have time to myself. I swear, I don’t know where I would be without him. Our daughter absolutely adores him and he puts her to bed every night. Sometimes I wish I were in his shoes because she gives him hugs and kisses all the time (she runs to me when she’s hurt or sick).

  • Kathy C. said:

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  • Aasia said:

    My Daddy is my Prince Charming!
    Why you ask? Ok… maybe its because I’m a true “Daddy’s Girl”;)
    Even before I was born I would only move whenever I would hear his voice.After, I was born I’d only fall asleep on Daddy.He would feed me through the night to help Mommy sleep,he even stayed home for 3 weeks so that he wouldn’t miss me so much.
    Even though I’m two now he still gives me a bath ,reads me a few books and puts me to bed every night after work. He still gets up during the night still because I only want him(never Mommy)to chase all my bad dreams away or give me a hug.
    He loves spending time with me so much that he lets Mommy sleep in every weekend so he can take me to play groups or out for lunch:)
    He dances with me because I love it just as much as him! Although he looks a little silly….he just loves to make me laugh all time.
    I love you Daddy!
    PS: Thank-you for loving me always(even though I’m being a really BIG 2 year old right now!)
    xxx Ella

  • Chrissy said:

    I “like” you on Facebook! :)

  • Chrissy said:

    My husband is a wonderful husband and fabulous Daddy to our Little One. He’s also a farmer (we have a 750 acre farm), firefighter, emergency first responder, sawmill owner and operator, and so much more.

    Little One was born at 28 weeks gestation. She was born 3 months premature. I was flown from our little island to Toronto, where Little One was born and where she spent the first 70 days of her life in the NICU. The island is 6 hrs by car from Toronto and Hubby would drive down every other weekend to be with us. It was a rough start for our new family, but with Hubby’s help we made it through all the scary roller coaster of events in our daughter’s first few weeks on this planet.

    She is now a happy, healthy, BUSY 18 month old! Her Daddy is largely responsible for that :) I guess so am I, but Father’s Day is all about Dad, right? LOL! :)

  • Chrissy said:

    I tweeted (@chancesmommy).

  • Chrissy said:

    Posted a pic of Hubby and Little One on the Born Free Facebook Fan page :)

  • sue said:

    My husband is just the best daddy…

    It dont matter how hard of a day he had at work he comes home with open arms and leaves everything about work at the door. He makes sure every minute before our kids go to bed is family time, weather that is playing playdough, reading, singing, dancing or playing hockey with our 2 yr old or if it is singing and playing peek a boo with our 10 week old. He lets me sleep in every day on the weekend and puts the kids to bed for me at night. He does all diaper duty for our 2yr old son since our daughter was born to help me out and helps the house work whenever I need it. He put together our sons swing set in the rain just so he would have it when he woke up on his 2nd birthday. I cannot put into words how much he does for me and the kids and we love him for it.

  • lisa said:

    My name is Madi and I’m 15 months old…. I was a preemie and in the hospital for 5 1/2 weeks.. my Daddy came to see me every day while I was in the hospital. I was so small when I was born that I could fit in one of my Dad’s hands. He is a really good Daddy…and he gives the best snuggles. He takes me to the babysitters in the morning and makes me breakfast on the weekend. He has to put me to bed too…or I don’t fall asleep. He’s funny and taught me how to throw a ball. Now he’s practicing walking with me…. he’s the best Daddy ever!

  • lisa said:

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  • lisa said:

    Pic posted of Madisyn and Daddy going to baseball!

  • sue said:

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  • Jen said:

    My husband is the BEST ever, his plant closed day over a year ago and even though it has been hard he has gone back to school to better himself. After school he come home and I go to work. He watches both the children, age 3 years (boy) and 9 months (girl) all night and gets them ready for bed. Its hard because we only see each other for a bit but its what we have to do right now to be better off for the future of our children.

  • Jennifer said:

    My Daddy will not become a daddy for about another 10 weeks or so. I am keeping everything a surprise, when I am coming, whether I am a boy or girl and I even stay pretty still most of the time so my mommy can get some rest. I do cause a few problems, but I don’t mean to. It’s just that there isn’t much room left where I am so I am getting in the way of signals traveling through my mommy’s nervouse system. This means mommy gets really bad leg cramps and her muscles throb and won’t release. When mommy wakes up from a sound sleep screaming, daddy always knows what to do. He gently flexes and massages her legs for her and then soothes her back to sleep. He also surprises mommy all the time. He comes home with fresh strawberries and cherries just because they are favourites for both mommy and me, he plays her favourite music when she has had a bad day even though he doesn’t like it and most importantly he tells us both everyday how much he loves us no matter how busy he is. He manages to do all this even though he is renovating the kitchen for mommy too. He wants everything to be perfect for her and for me when I get here. My daddy is just wonderful. Oh and he also does goofy little dances to make mommy laugh. She tells me how cute they are and I can’t wait to see them for myself:)

  • chrystal said:

    My husband is such a fantastic daddy, It is as if it was what he was born to do. He works out of town a lot and cant see his boy every night which is so hard for him. Every night when we talk on the phone I put it on speaker and he talks to our son ( 18 months) He always asks him “Jack where is your belly?” and my son always lifts his shirt up to the phone with a HUGE smile on his face.
    The best part about when my husband comes home is seeing the look on my baby boy’s face when he comes in the door.
    The time spent together is quality time and I cant help having a huge grin on my face as they chase each other around the house both of them giggling with delight :)

  • chrystal said:

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  • Jen, Jasha & Jerek said:

    Our `Papa`is the best because he always made sure that everyday is special! He takes really good care of us. We even have a bedtime game that he made specially for us. and whenever I`m scared in the middle of the night, he`s always there to protect me!

  • Jen, Jasha & Jerek said:

    posted a pic on your page named Our Papa with baby Jerek

  • Aidan said:

    Hi my name is Aidan and I’d like to tell you why my Daddy is the bestest and why I love him so much! I’m almost 3 and 1/2 months old now but I was born 5 weeks early. I just couldn’t wait to enter the world. I gave my mommy and daddy quite a scare arriving so early and I had to spend 12 days in the hospital NICU. My daddy is such a hard worker and he loves me so much. He was so worried about me when I was in the hospital with my mommy. He worked the afternoon shift at his job, and one night he finished work and drove all the way to the hospital at 2am to come and visit me in the nursery. He snuggled with me and fed me for the first time that night. We both fell asleep in the rocking chair together. I feel so safe in my daddy’s arms and I know he loves me so much. I’m doing great now and love being home with my family. My daddy always makes me laugh and I love spending time with him. I want to be just like him when I grow up!

  • Felicia Steinhaus said:

    Hi, my name is Loghan and I am 4 1/2 months old. I wanted to tell you why my daddy is the greatest. My daddy is a soldier in the Canadian army. I was born 40 weeks after my daddy got home from his 2nd deployment to Afghanistan. 4 weeks after he got home, my mommy told my daddy that she was pregnate he was so excited that he ran outside to tell our neighbours with the pregnancy test in his hand. My daddy was away training for a few months during the pregnancy, but when he was home he would talk to me and play music for me. When I was born my daddy was there being a great coach to my mommy. I was so happy to be free, I wasn’t crying so the nurses who are my mommy’s co-workers had to hear me cry for all the newborn assessments which took a while. Afterwards the nurses handed me to my daddy and he was the 1st to hold me, while my mommy watched. My daddy started to cry telling my how much he loved me. My daddy has only been home for 2 months all together since I was born due to training. However he calls whenever he can. When he talks to me I giggle, smile, coo, kick my feet in excitement and once even grabbed the phone and hung up on him. When I was 2 months old mommy took me on a plane to visit my daddy for a surprise on Easter. When my daddy saw us he was so excited and he would not let me go, this is the 1st time I smiled for him. My daddy is away once again on a operational deployment he will be missing his 1st offical fathers day however we celebrated before he left 2 weeks ago and I bought him a matching polo for him and I. We wore them when we took him out for supper. I know my daddy loves me, when he is home I’m his lil man and we do everything together. He reads books to me, plays on my playmat, go for walking adventures, swimming, cuddles and teaches me different sounds like animals which I find really funny. My daddy will be home in July and I can not wait he promised to take me to the zoo, so I can hear the animal sounds for REAL! I love my daddy I smile each time my mommy shows me a picture of him. I know he is away alot, but he told me that it’s to protect me, my mommy and other families. I want to grow up and be just like, and as strong as my daddy. My daddy is my HERO!!

  • brianne said:

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  • brianne said:

    Out of the mouth of babes
    Mommy to Mattaya(4):Why is your daddy special?
    Mattaya:I love my daddy
    Mommy:but what makes him special, if someone asked you what he did that made him different?
    Mattaya:he jumps on the “trumpoline” with me and he jumps really really high like up to the sky and then I fall over, sometimes I cry and daddy helps me up but I’m a big girl, not like Selah she’s just a baby. Daddy takes good care of her, he’s her favourite daddy. He gives her lots of hugs. Me too, I really like daddy’s hugs, he SQUEEEEEEEZES me when he hugs me. He always says I love you and kisses me too, he kisses you too mommy.

    So you see the reason why my husband is special is because he is the world to my girls. He is raising great girls, girls who respect themselves, who see how a man should treat a woman. Girls who know what they want and who know that they deserve it because their daddy told them so. Girls who wake up everyday and know that they are beautiful and loved because their daddy showed them. He is raising girls who realize the value of family is far more than any material possession and that they are the priority. He is giving them things that I as a mother never could, an example of what they deserve when they choose a man for their husband, a value that only a daddy can give his daughter and the ideals that life isn’t always serious, sometimes we just need to lighten up and have fun….this is why my girls’ dad is so special….because he is the MAN we need him to be EVERDAY!!

  • brianne said:

    posted a picture :)

  • Sarah said:

    Posted on your FB wall.

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  • Sarah said:

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    Mama_to_1 @BornFreeCanada I entered the BornFree Brag About Dad Contest. Win $500 of BornFree products! http://wp.me/pW4tt-3F
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  • Gabrielle said:

    posted a picture of my dad!

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  • Gabrielle said:

    My dad is a GREAT DAD. Before my birth, he read a lot about bottles and bisphenol A. Since he is environmentally friendly, he wanted to find the best bottles out there and give me the best there was to be. He informed my mommy about the eco-friendly BornFree bottles and went to buy me these bottles. My parents had received other types of bottles at my baby shower but they were leaking, poor-quality and I didn’t like them as much. Now, we only use Born-Free bottles for me! Not only my dad is eco-friendly, he wants to ensure I grow in a healthy world where I can play, breathe and run easily without ruining our little planet.

    My mommy had a hard delivery. After 57 hours of labour, the doctors finally decided to delivery me by C-section and under anestesia. She was asleep when I finally saw the world for the first time. My daddy took care of me right after I was born, feeding me, doing skin-to-skin contact and giving me tons of kisses for mommy. Mommy and Daddy were really scared that mommy would die because the meds the doctor was giving her didn’t work. Daddy made sure to tell me mommy loved me and gave me tons of love and care. When I finally met mommy, I was soo happy to see her. Since mommy was weak and couldn’t breast feed because of all the medication, Daddy took care of me like a pro. I wouldn’t trade my daddy with anyone else because he is simply the best. I wouldn’t be a happy baby if it wasn’t for all the love and the care he gave me when I was born, but also for all the help he gave to mommy after my birth.

    Thank you Daddy,
    Gabrielle – 2 months old

  • Chrissy said:

    I already entered the contest by bragging about Little One’s dad and I posted a pic on the FB fan page.

    I *just* tweeted the contest here: chancesmommy

    @BornFreeCanada I entered the BornFree Brag About Dad Contest. Win $500 of BornFree products! http://wp.me/pW4tt-3F

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