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Canada Day Contest!

1 July 2010 23 Comments

Today is Canada Day! Canadians across our awesome country are wearing red and white as a sign of pride. Today my four-year-old came back from day camp with a whole backpack full of crafts featuring maple leaves and the flag.

Here are a few craft ideas that you can use to engage your child today:

1. Make a flag using white and red construction paper. Instead of drawing a maple leaf in the center, let your child stamp their red hand print in the center.

2. Cut out red maple leaves out of construction paper and make a decorative chain using a hole puncher and string. Decorate away!

3. Make “Happy Canada Day” greeting cards using paper and red glitter. Deliver them to your friends, family, and neighbors.

And for the babies too young for crafts, free free to dress them up in cute onesies like this one that I found on Zazzle!

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Contest: Share one thing that you love about living in Canada in the comments below. One person will be selected to win a Twin-pack of 9oz Eco-Friendly Bottles and a twin pack of nipples in any stage.

Update: The winner is Allison with the email address A******@hotmail.com. Thanks for entering!

If you click “Like” or “Share on Facebook” let me know by leaving an “I shared” comment for a bonus entry.

Good luck!


  • marlibu said:

    i love living in canada becuase of our universal health care and our melting pot of cultures! Thank you Canada for basketball, maple syrup and healthcare!

  • Denise Wardle said:

    I love living in Canada for so many reasons. Our beautiful landscape, our freedoms to say what we like, and for our freewill, and most of all that we are a country that is known for being polite, reasonable, forgiving (almost too much) and helpful. No, we aren’t always on the forefront when a tragedy happens, but we are always in the background working to help. We don’t take the credit for what we do to help in the world, we’d rather do it because the need is there, oppose then for the media coverage we get. I shared

  • Clare said:

    I love Canada because each province is unique and beautiful, and because our people are made up of cultures from around the world.

  • Erinn Williams said:

    I love living in Canada because my kids are always free to be themselves.

  • Erinn Williams said:

    I “shared” on FB :)

  • karenc said:

    I liked your contest!

  • karenc said:

    I shared your contest on Facebook!

  • karenc said:

    I love living in Canada for the freedom of my girls to act and behave like girls without repression. I also love that the skies are bare with no war zone in them.

  • Clare said:

    I shared! :D

  • sue said:

    our health care, the freedom, the acceptance of multi culture, the friendly people, and of course it is just beautiful

  • Mike said:

    I like living in Canada because we really are the friendliest nation. While away on family vacations we often get asked if we are Canadian because our children are polite! How cool is that?

  • Steph said:

    I love the canadian spirit. Though we tend to be more reserved, when the time is right, we show our patriotism. We just returned from a park full of hundreds of people decked out in red and white. It was a great sight to see.

  • Steph said:

    I shared this on facebook:)

  • hester said:

    I came to Canada 7 years ago. I love Canada because of what we stand for. The politeness is refreshing, the welcoming spirit to different cultures, the willingness to fight for peace, even if it’s not our own. The nature is breathtaking no matter what province you’re in. I love how CLEAN Canada is, not many countries can top that.
    And I absolutely LOVE that Canadians are finally getting a sense of pride to be Canadian. The olympics were a testimony that it is ok to be proud of your country (and not impolite) Go Canada Go!

  • hester said:

    I shared :)

  • Miriam W said:

    I love Canada because it is the best place in the world to raise my two children. Freedom, beauty, equality, and pride are all thoughts that come to mind when I think of this beautiful place the four of us call home. I can’t think of living anywhere else. Today on Canada Day, as I do every year, we celebrate with our children..do crafts, go to Canada Day festivities, and make maple leaf cookies. At a young age I want them to appreciate this country we live in and all that it has to offer.

  • Miriam W said:

    I shared on FB!

  • Fan said:

    I like living in Canada, because opportunities are endless here, in terms of life and business.

  • Sally said:

    I love Canada Day because it brings everyone together. Family, friends, neighbours, and strangers! We all have a wonderful country to be proud of!

  • Sally said:

    I shared on facebook too!

  • Julia said:

    I love living in Canada because we celebrate differeces!

  • Allison said:

    I love living in canada because it is really the most beautiful place in the world. Its clean, people are polite, and most importantly everyone I love is here!

  • B's Mom said:

    I love how laid back most people are, and Canada is a lot more open minded about things than a lot of other countries.

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