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Contest: Binky Love

22 July 2010 33 Comments

My first daughter loved her binky. Adored it. Was obsessed with it. We had pacifiers all over our home. If you looked under the couch: binky. If you looked on any counter surface: binky. If you reached into my diaper bag: 5 binkies.

Someone without kids probably would that thought we were on pacifier overload but the fear of being caught without one when my little girl was tired, cranky, or teething was enough to motivate me to always have one in arm’s reach. If I had to guess, I’d say we had at least 10-15 pacifiers to our name! Our second child isn’t as much of a binky-fiend but when she’s tired she loves to have a “soothie” nearby.

I’m still trying to find the perfect pacifier clip that will prevent the tragic “binky on the ground” fiascoes that always seem to happen when I can only find one! Perhaps BornFree needs to develop one…

What is your baby’s binky style? Does he or she have “binky love” or just “binky like” or is your child “binky indifferent”? Share in the comments below! Someone will win a Twin Pack of CoolFlow pacifiers and Clear Pacifiers.

The winner is: Cassandra with the email address chi***********@hotmail.com!

Click “Share on Facebook” and leave a bonus comment “I shared on Facebook” to increase your chances of winning! An email to moms@newbornfree.com can also count as your bonus comment. Good luck!


  • Jenn said:

    my daughter isnt absolutely in love with her binky, would love to win the born free ones though as she loves the bottles!

  • Clare said:

    My first daughter was a su-su fiend, like yours. God forbid we didn’t have one nearby! When she was old enough to stick them in her mouth herself, we would surround her with them in bed. She finally kicked the habit at 4 years old, but when she found a few I had saved (from when she was an infant) she suddenly needed them again! Needless to say, the disappeared FAST!
    We are now on our way to creating another ‘su-su monster’ with our youngest… but she is picky. Not any old su-su will do. She is partial to the “Super Soothie” but not quite as addicted as her big sister ;) These are not available in Canada (at least no where I can find) and there are no clips around here that work for them, so I am trying to encourage her to change brands. We have quite a collection going but we are going to have to upgrade to a bigger size soon. Yours would be a great start!

  • Jillian said:

    I love this binky article!!! My daughters adores hers and at last count we had 20 to her name…they are everywhere!

  • Clare said:

    I shared on Facebook! :D

  • Kristi Kocherkewych said:

    My 8 month old son, Lucas, likes his “binkies”!! Well, he likes everything but the nipple portion of it!! When he was first born he used those all green ones that have a happy face on them (I forget what they’re called) but that didn’t last too long. Then came teething and he kinda sucked on them but lately, he likes to nibble on the plastic portion/handle of the soother, and even the clip when one’s attached to it!! He will also pull at the nipple in and out of his mouth!! We’ve used the bottles for him to drink breastmilk and I just bought the sippy cup (can’t wait to try it as I love that it’s interchangeable with the bottles!!). Would love to win the Born Free soothers to try them out, if not, I’m sure I’ll be buying them soon enough!!

  • Ashley P said:

    My baby boy, Trent, has Binky Love. He always has a Bornfree pacifier clipped to his shirt. He has Bornfree nighttime pacifiers scattered in his crib.

  • Taylor P said:

    My boy has Binky obsession. He loves his Bornfree binky.

  • Taylor P said:

    I liked

  • Minna said:

    We try not to keep too many around but my son sometimes needs it to calm himself down when sleeping. We too are looking for the perfect clip because he loves projecting it to the other side of the room! I wish someone would invent something to prevent it from leaving my son’s mouth so I don’t constantly have to keep putting it in his mouth!

  • Karen said:

    My daughter was a “dummy” fiend too. We had them everywhere & in all colours & styles. My son ,now, not so much a fiend but needs his dummy when he’s sleepy. We have a couple Heinz clips that are awesome!

  • Leslie said:

    My daughter, who is now a little over 2 years old ” loves” her soother. She has to take it everywhere. I can just be as bad as her because I fear how she will feel without it. We always say to her we are not buying anymore, but I always cave.

    We have spent a lot on soothers. Su, Su, as she calls it. When she spots one she would have to have it even if she already had one. She even tries to get her 9 month old sister to like soothers so she doesn’t have to give hers up.

    I know she will eventually give it up. They are only little once :)

    We love your products. We have not tried your soothers yet. It would be great to win. I know my daughter would love it.

  • Sayward said:

    We’ve been using them since the early days… and my daughter loves hers when she’s settling down to sleep. Lately, with teething coming on, she’ll take it more often and will play with it. The trouble we have with our soothie stash is our doggie – he steals them from just about any surface and patrols the house with one in HIS mouth! We loved some plain silicone ones called Gum Drops, but now that she’s older, we’re moving on to the Born Frees and Avents. She definitely prefers the Born Free passies, would love some extras to have around (that I’ll put up nice and high so Mr. Doggie can’t reach them)!

  • Sayward said:

    … and I shared on Facebook! :)

  • Rachel D said:

    My son loves his soother! He is 7 months and his soother is as much a toy as a soother! He will contantly play with his soother, and now that he is older, he will continually try to ‘give’ it to me. Every chance he gets, he will try to put it in my mouth! I love the “bornfree” pacifiers – before he was born I did some research and discovered the brand. Before heading to the hospital, I packed my bag with them and even to this day you can find around 4 pacifiers in my diaper bag! And then of course, there are a few in the crib, the car, and the playroom! I am so thankful that there are products available that are safe for my little man!

  • sue said:

    my little girl loves her su-su, however my didn’t. I love the born free night time soother, cause the handle does not move. Piece of mind at night. I also bought a su-su clip called “bink-link” love it, it is a must have along with my born free su su.

  • Romina said:

    My little man has binky love! It took a while for it to develop but now at 4 months he finds them comforting and soothing for his achy teething gums. I can’t even count how many he has scattered in the car, house and diaper bag!

  • kristen said:

    Well I have a clip that worked for a while but now my little Chloe only has her sucky at nap and bed time but I do bring it wherever we go just in case!!

  • kristen said:

    I shared on facebook!

  • Shari said:

    My first son hated binkies. My 2nd one loved his until he was 4 1/2 months old. This 3rd one he is more indifferent.

  • Krista said:

    I shared on Facebook!! :)

  • Krista said:

    We use the Born Free ones and my 10 month old daughter loves them! I couldn’t find hers one day and tried the Playtex one. NO way, no WAY! So off to the store we go to replace hers! That’s a baby girlie who knows “Binky Love”!!

  • Cassandra said:

    those are cool. i am still not sure if i was gona use pacifiers. but i did get a few at the baby shower. nothing like (Binky). I would live to try them…..

  • Lisa Baxter said:

    My son was not a soother fan until he started teething and I have been giving it to him when he goes to bed and he loves it now!

  • Sabrina (Chicago) said:

    My daughter loves the new one-piece binky brand ones. She takes the larger size and begs for her binky when she’s getting tired. We find her hiding them all over the house and diging them out to soothe herself often. She LOVES her binky! We have 4 in our diaper bag, so as to never be caught without!

  • Candace said:

    My son looooves his soother! He has the born free with the safety handles, which he spends 90% of his time chewing on! Love em!

  • Candace said:

    I shared on Facebook! :)

  • Heather said:

    We are on the hunt for new soothers with our addition coming in December! These would be great!

  • Cassandra said:

    I shared on facebook, My mom even joined

  • Minna said:

    I shared on Facebook!

  • crystal said:

    Pregnant with my first child but have taken care of many other enfants and know thats suckies are defenantly sanity savers at times.

  • Mandy said:

    We gave our daughter a soother the first night she was out of my womb. There she was – all 6 pounds of her, lost in a bundle of blankets and love – sucking away joyfully on her “sucky” while I tried to catch a few zzzz’s in the hospital bed beside her incubator. I must have peeked my head up over the handrail of my hospital bed every 10 minutes and I was instantly reassured she was okay when I saw that soother going up and down in her little mouth. The little “slurp slurp” sounds still make me smile because I know that she is happy, healthy and all mine!

  • B's Mom said:

    My baby boy is binky like. Only when he is really tired does he take it. He prefers his thumb instead. He loves his born free binky the one that curves with the mouth (don’t know the term) better than other ones we have tried.

  • Jody said:

    My baby boy loved his binky when he first came home from the hospital. It was only the born free one that he would take actually only to reject it after a few weeks. 5 months later, someone tried to re-introduce him to the new born free binkies after he hadn’t taken one in quite sometime. Well now he is in rekindled binky love. He especially loves it at bedtime and naptime!

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