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Dear BornFree Mom: Establishing Nap Time

1 September 2010 16 Comments

BornFreeMom.com started an advice column for US BornFree parents so we thought, why not us? We’ve decided to start an advice column right here based on the questions you been asking right from the Facebook Fan page!  Here goes:

My 11 month old fights her naps like crazy wicked…shes been up since 7 this a.m and hasnt had a nap and its almost 4pm but shes really grouchy..i wish i could juss lay her down in her crib at naptime and have her fall asleep :D -Crystal I.

If you have advice for Crystal, please leave in the comment below. One person with advice will win a 6-pack of BornFree bottles! We’ll choose questions often. The person who asks the question will also be sent a special prize.You can ask questions of our community by posting them on the Facebook Fan page wall.

Note: “Dear BornFree Mom” columns are for fun, if you need medical advice please seek a professional.

Update: The winner is Rhonda with the email address: way********@hotmail.com

Good luck!


  • Miriam W said:

    We’ve cut down to one nap with our 11 month old..found it worked better (ie no fighting it) and he usually naps for at least 2 1/2 hours…he’s up around 7:30 – 8:00 a.m. and we put him down between 12:30-1:00 p.m. Try cutting to one and see if that helps!

  • Kelly said:

    I just recently had this with my almost 10 month old little boy. I took about a week where I would watch what time he woke up and went to sleep. I would also take notes of when he started to get really tired or fussy …after about a week I saw a pattern. He was waking up about 8 naturally, and getting tired about 11 for his nap. I would take him to his crib and lay him down with the curtains closed and always had the same blanket. He would cry about 10 minutes, sometimes less and then he would goto sleep and wake up about 2 hours later. I did this again about 430 pm and he would nap about an hour. Bedtime is the same time everyday for him to. We just made a schedule and we stick to it. It has worked wonders!!! I hope maybe this can help you some way!!

  • Kristen said:

    I remember going through this about a year ago with my oldest. I took one nap out of his schedule and I let him decide when it was time to go down. I found that if I waited until I knew he was tired, rather then force him to go to sleep at the same time every day. Good luck Crystal. The sleep battle is never ending!!!

  • Natalie said:

    We’ve just been letting our baby girl give us signs as to when she is tired. This has worked better than trying to force her to sleep.

  • Steph said:

    Our son hates to nap. He rarely yawns or shows other signs and if we miss them, then it’s a big fight to get him to sleep. We’ve noticed that he needs to go down pretty much every two hours (7 months old). I keep watch at the two hour mark for the half yawn or quick eye rub and then put him down. We also give him a soother then (I know I know bad sleep associations), but since doing this he’s gone from the odd half hour nap to a couple longer naps a day and he’s much happier and frankly so are we:)

  • Ashley P said:

    My little guy is really good about his naps still, but if he does have a hard time we give him a pacifier and hold him.

  • karenc said:

    Your issue happens/happened with both of my children. It would always depend on their situation. My girls would not sleep if they had to pooh. Sometimes pooh would happen later, not always on schedule. Sometimes, they were teething. How can you sleep when you have teeth and/or growing pains? Sometimes, they just aren’t sleeping. They are humans too. Sometimes I’m grouchy but just can’t catch zzz’s. Sometimes children are either too hot or too cold. Sometimes they have been over stimulated. I don’t really stress b/c you can’t force things in life. My children have their own biorythms. So, I encourage you to do your best and give God the rest. We all have off days and so do our children. xo It is ok for them to decide sometimes. Blessings and Peace.

  • Suelynnpowell said:

    We done Raymond sleep training and it worked awesome

  • clarify69 said:

    Do you have a mobile? I found that would really help my daughter. I would put her down when I noticed she was tired then she would lie in her crib looking at her mobile and fall asleep!

  • Wen said:

    My daughter is also 11 months old and I found that she was going through the same thing. I’ve noticed that she would fight her naps on days that we stayed home. I have started to take her to the park and let her explore the grass, other kids, etc. She is even using the infant swing and loves it! Now, I find that she gets so much fresh air and stimulation that she craves her naptime and I can easily just put her down in her crib and *presto* she is asleep in minutes. Good luck mommies!

  • Chrissy said:

    Our daughter is going through the same thing right now. She usually naps at 11AM and then again around 3PM. She has decided last week that she doesn’t want to nap anymore. This results in a very crabby little girlie. As hard as it is, I have taken to A) Laying in bed with her and reading books to her until she falls asleep (doesn’t always work), B) Putting her in her crib with her bedtime music on (she cries for a while and then eventually falls asleep), C) Letting her skip her nap until she eventually gets so tired that she passes out on the floor, and D) Going for a car ride or a walk with her in the stroller or carrier.

    :) Sorry, my advice is probably useless, since it does not really work with our baby girl! LOL!

  • Leslie said:

    I know it can be hard but I found with my little one that eventually with their cues you will know when they are starting to get grounchy or tired. I try right there and then to put my daughter down for a nap. It is usually around 2pm she starts to show cues. I lie with her and let her have her bottle and then she is good to go for her afternoon nap. Hope this helps.

  • Marsha said:

    I have 3 kids…6yrs = I used to have to play childens songs on the stereo and pick him up then I would slow dance around the room while singing to the songs, plus he had a favourite lullaby song that I would have to sing over and over again….my 19 month old = I has to watch for signs then we would get her favourite blanket and we both cuddles together on the sofa while watching one of MY shows , can’t be one of hers because she wouldn’t go to sleep…as for my 3 month old sometimes she sleeps while feeding and sometimes she sleeps on her playmat…

    Sometimes going for a walk with them in the stroller works best because of the fresh air… so even if take them outside for 30 mintues or 60 minutes it do some good…. I found there is all kinds of little tricks you can do but makeing them or forcing them to nap when they’re not ready will not work at all… you have to find a pattern and work around that… there could be a favourite blanket , toy, show, or song anything… every child is different…. hope you find something that works….

  • Sherrie Guthrie said:

    Baby Beckett also fights his naps, I’ve taken to giving him a quick bath in the mid day with a little bit or Tea Tree oil in the bath, then rub his feet with a little lavender cream/oil. He loves it and everything smells so good, I lay down with him and sometimes I fall asleep as well ! Good Luck!

  • Rhonda said:

    I found the later i put them for the nap the less hassle it is. if there up around 7 and put them down around 1 or 2 the generally sleep. Trying more hard playing and such for he gets tired out. It wont hurt them to put them down and cry for a bit. sometimes kids just cry because there fighting it and know that mommmy or daddy will come in and they wont have to have a nap. Try and let them cry for a bit. they will get where they see that ur not coming in and will sleep and then get to know u will get them when they have slept for a bit. Good Luck:)

  • Gabriel Patterson Winnipeg said:

    Gabriel Patterson Winnipeg…

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