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Green Pressure

26 October 2010 13 Comments

by Ravit Rosenblum

Do you feel pressured to buy green products because someone told you to but you are actually not entirely sure why you’re doing it? If yes, you are not the only one! Going green is the new trend. No doubt, it has tremendous benefits to the environment and to our overall health and well being. However, I find that many people are doing it for the wrong reason and this really, really bugs me!

I love the fact that people are interested and willing to reduce or eliminate the toxic products from their home and family’s surroundings. However, I find that many people are doing it without fully understanding WHAT they are doing.

There are serious reasons to consider adopting a more natural lifestyle- especially when we’re talking about replacing your toxic products at home with natural ones. Not only has research shown that toxic products can cause a whole slew of health concerns to adults, but more importantly, now we know that our children are affected by it as well.

I find that many people are buying alternative products because someone told them so or because they hear a scary news report. It’s not all that bad, but, it causes me to be concerned. I believe that if a consumer goes out to buy a product from fear, they will not be able to fully adopt a truly natural lifestyle. And, due to a lack of knowledge, that person will believe the product labels and trust that if a product label states any of these words, “natural, organic, green, aloe vera, vitamin e,…”, they will automatically assume that it’s a better product than the toxic one they have at home.

Now, this is where this scenario turns ugly…once this individual finds out that this product is not really natural at all (because at the end of the day, I truly believe that ALL greenwashed products will be publicly bashed sometime soon), this person will not only be so angry that they were cheated and lied to (which they were), but, they will be turned off with buying future truly natural products. And, that’s upsetting to me because a person with a really good intention was swayed away from doing something truly great for their loved ones because of a company’s clever marketing campaign.

So, PLEASE moms, women, decision makers, I urge you to educate yourselves! Read up on articles, research information, chat and exchange ideas with other like-minded people like yourselves and THEN make your purchasing decisions based on what is good for YOU and your FAMILY. Never ever feel the pressure to buy a product because someone told you to, rather, do it because you believe and know that it’s the RIGHT thing for you.

Ravit is a blogger and member of the BornFreeMom.ca Mom Panel.

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  • Carly said:

    I Like to buy Green products because I would like my children and their children to be able to enjoy the simple pleasure’s that I did as a child, Like swimming in a lake at the beach or just playing outside without worrying about the smog index. Now I know that kids now a days cannot do some of these things as it is. I am just hoping with everything we know now we can eventually maybe even reverse the damage done by us :( I remember as a child that if I was outside for a short period of time I did not have to Rush to the sunblock, where as now they do not even recommend children to be outside on certain days from 11-4 Which is CRAZY! I hope that going green really helps our world and our resources. Our children deserve better :)

  • Carly said:

    I shared with my friends :)

  • Sayward said:

    we prefer greener products, but not necessarily the ones for purchase. It’s often a matter of economy for us; then, about what will work well with other factors in our lifestyle (like cloth diapers); and then about what’s better for us. We’ll use a vinegar solution for some cleaning, and laundry detergent formulated for cloth diapers which does not have phosphates or other nasties. These options are actually more economical as well as better for us, our daughter and our dogs. :)

  • C said:

    Great first post, Ravit!

  • Roxanne said:

    No I don’t buy green products, but neither do I buy chemicals. If it has to do with cleaning I fully believe that using vinegar will do the same thing as chemicals will, but an even better job. I am the one who makes my own cleaning supplies.

  • Ravit said:

    Those are all great comments- thanx for sharing!

    Our children have one childhood, let’s make a it a great one! This is my philosophy when trying to educate moms. Whatever it is that we decide to do, whether buy products or make our own will certainly help the environment and our children’s future.

  • Lindsay said:

    To be honest, most of the time when I buy green it’s to save money. Things like cloth diapers and wipes, I do appreciate that using them is preventing a whole lot of garbage from ending up in the landfill, but the real reason is keeping some cash in my pockets!

  • Stephanie said:

    There are a few specific things that I buy that are “Green”. Mostly I buy them for when we are at the cottage, because of the septic system. Mostly all purpose cleaner, which works on everything, laundry soap and shampoo. Many other cleaning agents/soaps/shampoos contain phosphates, which create algae and pollute the lake.

    In all honesty, at home I don’t really tend to buy “Green”. I generally stick to Comet, Mr. Clean and Windex. My clean team :)

  • Stephanie said:

    I shared :)

  • Jenn said:

    We buy green products because we want the best possible lives for our family, and our health is our number 1 priority. We love using the born free bottles too because after you are done with them you can send them back to be recycled. great program!

  • Jen said:

    I feel the same as everyone else, it’s about making the world better for our kids. We buy green products because we’ve done research about the side effects of all the chemical and carcinogens in things.Through that we have found that if a products states it’s ‘Green” it’s still necessarily good for you. It’s actually kind of scary, what they can put in things such as cleaners and cosmetics and still be able to put ‘natural’ or ‘green’ on the label. Finally, like a few ladies have mentioned, buying green products isn’t the only way to contribute to a better earth, it’s the economical choices such as walking instead of driving when it’s possible, or using cloth diapers and reusable cloths instead of paper towel.
    Every little bit makes a difference, so let’s keep it up Mamas!!

  • Cheryl said:

    We have a family history of allergies, asthma & cancer… anything to make my kids healthier, while helping out the earth at the same time is good in my books. Oh, and saving some money with cloth diapers, breastfeeding, etc. doesn’t help either!!

  • Allison said:

    I buy my green products mostly just to protect my child. There are so many dangers in this world and really…if me buying eco-friendly cleaning products will help make his life even a little better…then why not!!!

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